Get The Bodyweight Bundle!
Get The Bodyweight Bundle!
Just $47 (Usually $77.89)!
What's included in the Bodyweight Bundle?

My 6-Week Bodyweight Shred - this 6 week workout e-book and exercise library will help you build strength and burn fat using hybrid moves and just your own bodyweight. Whether you have time to workout 6 days a week or only 3, this program can help you get lean and strong!

My 28-Day Core Burners - these 10-minute bodyweight burners will help you get better results faster. The combination of quick activation series and cardio burners will help you build a strong core that not only looks amazing but also helps you prevent injury. You can add these onto the Shred as burnouts or use them as a quick alternative when you are short on time! BONUS: The e-book comes with follow along video workouts so you can do the workouts with me!

My 5-Minute Bodyweight Burners - these 5 minute bodyweight workouts are a great option for those busy days you want to skip your workouts or they can also be used as burnouts to the Shred. There are 5 minute workouts whether you want to target your abs, glutes, inner thighs or even your arms or legs! BONUS: Not only are these follow along video workouts so you can workout with me, but I'll also send you my actual DVD!

And you'll also gain access to my PRIVATE Facebook group and have 24/7 email support from yours truly, Cori with this bundle!
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